IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ALONE IN THE ZONE – Everyone who buys the film will be able to take part in a real trip to the zone, during which you will visit most of the places you’ve seen in the film with the film-maker. Conditions, dates and prices will be sent to people who are interested after they have purchased the film (estimated cost of participation – 250 € per day).


Besides the film, every purchaser will receive a link to get unique colour and black and white pictures showing Pripyat and Chernobyl before and after the catastrophe.

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At the request of many people, I decided to re-start sales of the first part of the film. Mainly for people who want to buy Alone 2 but can’t because they didn’t manage to buy Alone 1. Because, as I’m sure you remember, only people who have Alone 1 can buy the second part of the film. So if you haven’t yet bought Alone 1, now is your last chance. The special package “Alone in the Zone 1 + 2” has been made for this purpose. And at a promotional price! Purchasing the double set is also a good chance for those who previously bought the DVD version and now want to see the film in HD quality, only available on Blu-ray (or the HD on DVD version). Additionally, watching the second part without having seen the first part is like visiting the zone without knowing what happened there.


The first part of the film coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster and the disaster in Fukushima. Two years later, as the second part of the film is being released, the action in Fukushima is still ongoing and there’s no sign that it will end soon. Therefore, all proceeds from the sale of Alone 2 will be put towards the production of Alone 3. Preparations for the first trip, with the working title “Alone 3 – Made in Japan” are already underway.

So, I’ll see you in Fukushima. If you want to join me, you have to have Alone 2.




  1. What’s the difference between specific versions of the film? The following table which compares all the versions and prices will help you choose the right version for you. WERSJA-FILMU-ENG-1
  2. How is the Blu-ray version different from the HD on DVD version? The content of both versions and the image and sound quality are identical. The only difference is the the media they were recorded on. The HD on DVD version was made for people who want to see the film in the highest HD quality but don’t have the equipment to play Blu-ray discs. The HD on DVD version can be copied and opened on a computer and played from there. The HD on DVD version cannot be played on a stationary DVD player. After purchasing a Blu-ray player/recorder it will also be possible to independently copy the content of the HD on DVD disc onto a Blu-ray disc and play it with a normal Blu-ray player.
  3. Which version should I choose ‒ DVD, HD on DVD or Blu-ray? We recommend choosing the best quality version: Blu-ray. The highest image resolution and sound quality guarantee the best representation of the visited sites. If you don’t have a Blu-ray player, we recommend purchasing the identical HD on DVD version.
  4. Can I only purchase Alone 2 without buying Alone 1? Unfortunately not. The film is only available for owners of the first version of the film. We recommend buying the Alone in the Zone 1 + 2 Combo Pack which includes both parts of the film, available at a promotional price.
  5. What does personalising discs to prevent illegal copying involve? Personalising discs involves placing individual characteristics of the buyer (personal data) into the content of the film (invisible to the viewer). This makes it possible to identify someone who illegally distributes the film on the internet.
  6. Why don’t the discs look like traditionally recorded discs (recorded disc instead of printed, etc.)? This is due to the technical conditions connected with personalising the discs, i.e. recording every disc separately to include the individual data of every owner. See previous point for more details.
  7. Does the Blu-ray version work on Playstation 3 consoles? Yes.
  8. How do I receive the Unique Pictures from Chernobyl? Everyone who buys the film will be sent a link where they can collect all the pictures.
  9. What do I have to do to prove I purchased the first film in order to be able to buy Alone 2? Nothing. We verify this on the basis of the e-mail address or personal data of the buyer provided when purchasing the first part of the film (e-mail address or address data must be the same as when buying the first part). If we have any doubts we will contact you after the purchase.

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  1. Do you go to how often the orbiting zone now, when you have completed the document received?

    you are there as a guide would be interested in going? although the official tour operators have prepared a package tour to the zone so everyone seems to offer only the pre-route bus journey and interested to visit as well as the official tourist areas but also in other parts of the places where you probably actually visited

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