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  1. Arek:

    I just sent you a request for being able to have the your photo journal put up on our site. I ask for you permission to do so. IN EXCHANGE, we are going to be contracted to do a major environmental cleanup in South America and if you are working with us, we would come to contract you to do a similar photo journal for us in South America. As I indicated to you, you and and your work, site, etc. will be fully credited and acknowledged, of course. However, for next year, if you have such interest, we would look to work with you on another assignment for us, on a major major clean up going forward. The camera seems to love your attention, so I am sure that any work you are contracted to do, will in fact come out superbly. Thanks for you help, kind regards, STEPHAN VENCZEL, NEXXUS ENVIRONMENTAL.

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