Phew…the film has finally been edited! Along with two visits to the zone, it took me almost a whole year. But the recent problems in Japan only confirmed to me that it was worth doing. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, first watch the trailer.




The film project „Alone in the Zone” is an independent and non-commercial production. It presents the actual state of the exclusion zone, not changed in production or post-production, filmed exclusively with a camera mounted on a helmet. No embellishments or additions, no artificial, staged scenes. At least that was my goal in wearing a heavy helmet with a camera and trying to maintain maximum realism of the places I filmed. Thanks to this, you can see exactly what I saw. And thanks to my commentary, you will be able get even more of a feel for that atmosphere and learn something about it. And if I bore you too much, you can always switch me off and listen to the atmospheric music written specially for this film.

So if you liked the trailer, or you are interested in themes connected with the Chernobyl disaster, you will definitely like this film. You will see places which no one (well, almost no one) has seen before. You will also see places which no one else will see because they already no longer exist. This film will also be valuable for people who are thinking about, planning, or already getting ready for a trip there. In every place visited, a current dosimeter reading will be shown and on the disk you will also find a map indicating all the places shown in the film. If you ever go there, you will be able to get to these places on your own.

The film could also be valuable for people who can’t go to the zone because they are underage, don’t have time or money or for those who just lack the courage :). Or for fans of Call of Duty or STALKER whose, as one viewer very accurately summed up, entire knowledge of Chernobyl is based on these games.

And so in buying this film, you are also buying a ticket to the exclusion zone. And you will learn something more than you would from a game. You will feel as if you were there yourself…
Here I would like to thank all of the people who directly or indirectly helped to make this film happen. Most of them did it for free. However, in order for the film to see the light of day, some essential expenses were necessary. In order to cover them, there has to be a charge for the film. If more people than I anticipate buy it, then the whole profit from the film will be given to help the poorest residents of the zone (re-settlers). The whole project as a rule is meant to be non-commercial.

The film will be distributed in a limited edition, 500 copies in a DVD version and 100 copies in a Full HD version (Blu-ray disk or ISO file on 5 DVDs). After the printing is sold out, sales will end and it will no longer be possible to buy the film. The film will also not appear on the internet. (Note: ISO file is not compatible with Windows XP)